Cool new way to program the NXT. Will have to follow this to see how it turns out...

Enchanting : Enchanting : Enchanting

What is Enchanting?

Enchanting is a tool to allow children an easy-to-understand way to program LEGO MINDSTORMS NXTrobots. It is based on Scratchand BYOB/Snap!, and powered by leJOS NXJ(Java for the NXT). Enchanting is free and open-source.

For more details, see the About page. Is it any good?

Yes! But, don't take my word for it. See what people are saying about Enchanting.

How do I use it?

Try out our brand new Enchanting Cards! (Here is a preliminary German translation.)

Your other best resource at this time, aside from diving in and trying it out, is the interactive book Robotics with Enchanting and LEGO® NXT: A Project Based Introduction to Programming, available for the iPad or as an interactive PDF for use on your computer. (Please note that we've re-arranged the order of the palettes and changes the 'motor' blocks' colour from red to cyan).

Knowing how to use Scratchis certainly helpful, and, for the advanced user, look at how to use BYOB/Snap, especially the BYOB manual.