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Maybe you know about the early (first?) 6502-based computer, the KIM-1 from 1976. I recently built a replica (the PAL-1) and wanted to flip through some of the original documentation. Fortunately has quite a bit of early KIM-1 texts.

I pulled down the KIM-1 Users Manual as a PDF but after printing it out and comb-binding it, I decided I would rather have a more polished softbound version so I created a book project on Lulu.

The PDF was suprisingly clean, only the cover was a let-down. So I used my favorite vector-based drawing app, Affinity Designer, and recreated the front and back covers.

Shipping is such a factor in the cost that I went ahead and had Lulu print up eight extras. I went ahead and set up a Tindie site to sell the extra copies.