When you install Pelican be sure to install the Makefile too. This allows you to use the make command to build your static website. It takes a bit of configuration for your specific server details, but it's easy to setup.

All the details are handled in these three files:

The command I ended up using is: make ssh_upload

This creates a production build and uploads all the files to the server.

I actually renamed ssh_upload in the Makefile to prod, so now I use the command: make prod

Obsidian Shell Command

It's not bad to open a shell command and execute the make prod command, but it's even better to hit a hotkey within Obsidian to do the same thing.

Install the Obsidian ShellCommands Plugin

This plugin allows you to execute a shell command from within Obsidian.

It also allows you to execute that command from the Obsidian command pallet.

Which allows you to execute the command from a hotkey.

Copy all files to remote web server

If you want to manually upload the files then here is a good use of the scp command.

scp -r /Users/doug/OneDrive/www_root/pelican/projects/64zbit/output/*